School of Hospitality

Training, Up-Skilling & Recruitment

The School of Hospitality is primarily a Recruitment facility to attract larger numbers of individuals from within the EU to come to Ireland for a job and as a career opportunity.

We have established valuable contacts with many colleges throughout Europe and advertising substantially for our recruitment services providing a unique and individual solution. We are offering to individuals as well as groups and colleges a very individual recruitment process which includes not just finding suitable jobs with respected employers according to their skills, knowledge and experience, but also assisting them to integrate quickly through a scheduled training phase and helping them on their journey to a new job from arriving in Ireland to throughout their employment with ongoing coaching and mentoring. All our recruits receive the statutory training required in relation to Food Safety and Manual Handling and we are committed to maintain everyone’s certificates throughout their employment with our clients.

While our services are providing important benefits to the individuals, the establishments and the tourism industry, we are determined using cost effective ways to absorb the additional costs associated with our recruitment process to bring our beneficial services at no extra cost to our clients and to keep recruitment fees at acceptable and sensible levels!

As part of our approach to the School of Hospitality we are running scheduled courses of a duration of 1 to 3 weeks throughout the year:

  1. As an integration and training phase as part of our recruitment services for employees arriving to Ireland prior commencing a new job. During this preparation time, we provide certified, statutory training relevant to their new job, operational & skills training for their new job to the standard as required for the employer and prepare them for working & living in Ireland – enabling all to integrate quickly and easily. This will increase the success rate of all employees coming through the integration phase and will ensure them to reach efficiencies at work quickly – aiding them to become smoothly and fast a valuable team member of your operation. Additionally, we are offering at certain times of the year supplementary English lesson for those who require to improve their English skills before commencing their job in Ireland.
  2. As a training camp for specific skills teaching participants away from their work place valuable knowledge they require to improve in their job and to advance in their profession.
  3. As a platform for development and knowledge for interested parties and individuals
    Please contact us directly for further info on available dates.